reading empowers.


we believe in the power of reading.

in times where things have gotten fragile, where nature, species, human rights and democracies are under attack, we want to empower young people. giving them hope, courage, the believe in themselves and that everybody can change things for the better.

our books want to entertain, and, they want to put attention on topics, that require change, that need public awareness, discussion and help.

ultimately we want to inspire children on their journey into the future.

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we just got started. triggered by our first children book series Auf fliegender Mission, we decided that lighthouse 01 publishing should be a place that publishes and promotes also works by other authors, that share the same values and mission as we do.

yet, one step at a time. at the moment we‘re taking off - with Auf fliegender Mission. A wonderful series, that takes the heroes of the story on an adventurous journey halfway around the world in their mission to help a friend and his family in the amazon rain forest.

the first seven books of their journey will be published in the course of 2021. we are incredibly proud to present this very special piece of youth literature to the kids of the world. we start with the german speaking markets and hope that from there the spark carries further.

Auf Fliegender Mission

the richly illustrated children's book series is all about sustainability, empathy, friendship, a flying carpet, talking animals and a little magic. providing lots of reading fun for girls and boys in the age from 8 to 12.

the color illustrated volumes, with hardcover and textile bookmark have between 124 - 148 pages and cost EVP €12,95 in D/A and SFR 13,95 in CH.

if you‘d like to take a closer look at our first series, please hop on the carpet –
if you‘d like to take a closer look at our first series, please hop on the carpet –


  • our books are available in book stores as well as selected online stores
  • we deliver to our B2B customers in the german speaking markets from our german distribution center in the wider Stuttgart area
  • we deliver within Germany usually within 1-3 days, to Switzerland and Austria usually within 3-6 days.

if you are interested in our books, please send us a mail: or give us a call: +386 40 88 6208
- either way, we‘d be happy to hear from you!


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the book series Auf fliegender Mission will be promoted by a marketing mix to address the various target groups – from print media, social media, business media, a network campaign all the way to potential promotions in book stores.

promotional material

we support book dealers with flyers, posters and small displays. furthermore we‘re happy to help you realize more innovative promotion ideas for your stores.


please contact Lutz Kucher at lighthouse 01 publishing, if you are interested in translation and distribution rights of our first book series Auf fliegender Mission. we shall gladly send you reading copies with english rough translations of the titles you are interested in.

we represent the world rights of the entire series and the following titles in specific:

  1. 1. Auf fliegender Mission – Ein stürmischer Anfang
  2. 2. Auf fliegender Mission – Der verschwundene Papyrus
  3. 3. Auf fliegender Mission – Das unheimliche Fort
  4. 4. Auf fliegender Mission – Malas geheimnisvolle Insel
  5. 5. Auf fliegender Mission – Die Wapatumi
  6. 6. Auf fliegender Mission – Kainus Plan
  7. 7. Auf fliegender Mission – Die Esmeralda

we care.

environmental care

our books are printed on 100% recycled paper and the production processes of our printers aim to provide the highest efficiency levels.

furthermore we try to ensure that the invested natural ressources are well invested, by putting a lot of emphasison the quality of our products and by delivering a rich and contemporary reading experience. both factors are essential that our readers enjoy the books for the longest possible time and proudly pass them further, once they turn older.

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reading empowers.


you can reach us under:
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let‘s create a better world!